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Emanuel Vaceanu




To produce and develop quality dancers and to continue learning and growing as a teacher, dancer, choreographer, as well as a person,

to contribute to the artistic growth of the community and state.


1982-1985 Represented Romanian Art Academy in many national competitions and won many first places as soloist in the ballet, ballroom and latin divisions as well as theatre dance divisions. Appeared in many national television shows. 1985 Winner of "Premiul Tinereti" at the Romanian National Ballroom Dance Festival in Ballroom and Latin divisions.

1985-1990 Soloist with Ballet Repertory Theater, Imperial Russian Ballet Los Angeles CA, teacher for Arthur Murray and Imperial Academy dance studios.

1990-1995 Soloist and principal dancer with American Ballroom Theater Co, Westchester Ballet, Long Island Ballet, Darvash Ballet, teacher for Fred Astaire Dance Studio, assistant choreographer Broadway show 42nd St, Dance Director and studio manager Charisma Ballroom.

1985-2003 Teach, compete and perform in professional and pro-am divisions in all level of American and international styles of ballroom and latin. Teach, coach and judge ballroom and performing arts, produced and trained many amateur dancers that won first places in national championships, including Don Roads, seven times undefeated US junior latin and ballroom champion, and two times US performing arts champion.

1998-2002 Founder and director Broadway Dance Company, Dance in the opening of Special Olympics Games, ballet jazz and performing arts teacher and coach for company and competition students for A La Dance Magic studio.

1978-1985 Graduate of Romanian Art Academy, major in dance, classical, character, modern, latin and ballroom.

1985-2003 Continue training with world level coaches and teachers such as, Stephen and Lindsey Hillier former world ballroom champions, Bill Davis, former US ballroom champion, Kerry Wilson, former world ballroom finalist, Joe Jenkins, former world ballroom finalist, Michael Stalianos, former world latin champion, Hilda Lanza former Scottish ballroom champion, Pierre Dulaine, former world undefeated theater arts champion, Bill Sparks former US latin champion, Brian and Susan Puttuck former US ballroom champions and world finalists Gabriela Darvash, former student of Vaganova, founder and director of Darvash Ballet, Anthony Sellars, guest artist with Kyrov Ballet, NY City Ballet, Artistic director Ballet Repertory Theater and many other teachers.

1995 Highly Commended membership level in the ballroom division international branch from the American Dance Teachers Association, certified Fred Astaire syllabus.
A+ championship level adjudicator with National Dance Council of America. Certified international judge.

Other education and trades: Flying small planes and gliders, skydiving, first places in National recognized competitions in karate and martial arts (First degree black belt), vaulting and horseback riding, nature sciences, guitar, painting, and sculpturing.


Fishing, music, nature, sports, working with my hands, building furniture, sculpturing, painting and woodworking, graphic and webdesign. I enjoy going to the beach in the summer and camping on the dunes, or hiking and camping in the mountains. I enjoy going out dancing with a good partner and having a good time.

Traveling and visiting the Caribbean and other countries is something I am looking forward to doing more of. I enjoy all things of art and beauty. Esthetics are an important aspect in my life.

Mindy Barttlet

Mindy Bartlett started her dance career at the age of 8, spending many hours each week perfecting her skills. When she was 11 years old she started attending The Denver School of the Arts, with a dance emphasis. After graduating with honors from The Denver School of the Arts, she went on to attend Brigham Young University as a dance major. After three years at Brigham Young University she moved to Mesa, Arizona. There she has been working with Emanuel Vaceanu, learning and teaching ballroom International and American Styles dancing. She enjoys teaching and performing each of the different types of dancing.

Lisa Spiegelman


1998-1999 Studied at the University of Boulder, Colorado as a Dance major
In ballet and modern dance in the Cunningham style. Also assisted in lighting design for the stage, sound design and in dance photo shoots for show advertising.

1999-2002 Transferred to the University of Las Vegas, Nevada as a Dance
major. Studied ballet, jazz and modern dance in the Hawkins and
Cunningham and Graham styles. Danced in numerous staff as well as student dance productions, choreographed pieces shown by
University students on stage, as well as produced lighting design,
Photo production, sound and costume design. Educated in
Teaching, music theory, dance history and dance production.
Assisted in music accompaniment for dance classes in percussion
Won “Best Choreographer” 2002


1983-1989 Studied Tap, Ballet and Jazz at Cathy Bearman’s Dance studio in
Croton-on-the-Hudson, New York. Performed in annual dance shows
1993-1998 studied at Backstage Dance I and II in Las Vegas Nevada, in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Performed in staff choreographed numbers. Educated in Las Vegas Show style of dance.
Joined Marliza’s Middle Eastern Belly Dance Troup and perfomed in
Hotels such as the Mirage, Ceasar’s Palace and the Luxor.

1996-1998 Started taking dance classes at Westchester Center for the Arts
In New York, as well as Broadway Dance Center and Steps NYC.
Studied with numerous teachers and choreographers in New York, as well as summer dance intensives, including David Parsons.

1998-2002 Studied at University, as mentioned above. Intensified dance
training in technique and performance.

Danced professionally in Arizona dance companies such as
Obtained employment at the Scottsdale North and Paradise Valley
Fred Astaire Dance Studios and learned the Fred Astaire syllabus.
Competed professionally in the Fred Astaire competitions in Closed American Smooth and Rhythm. Worked with choreographers such as Ms. Linda Dean, Marianne Nicole, Cher Rutherford and Bill Davies.

March 1st 2010 Met Mr. Emanuel Vaceanu through Bill Davies and started
Delving into International Standard Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango
2002-2005 Quickstep and Viennese Waltz for national competition.
Desert Dance Theater, Scorpius Dance Theater and Center
Dance Ensemble at various venues such as the Herberger
Theater, Herberger Black Box, and Orpheum Theater.

2006-2010 Retired from professional ballet and modern dance and turned to
Jim Maranto for ballroom dance the DVIDA syllabus Studied with Jenell Maranto, Paul Maranto, and Chad Lakradis in American Smooth, Rhythm, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Hustle. Studied Argentine Tango with Michael Walker and Lori Ross at Paragon Dance studio as well as Argentine workshops. Competed with Jim in American Smooth and Rhythm..


Phoenix AZ Ballroom Dancing wedding dance lessons

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