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ballroom dance lessons International standard Phoenix AZ


We are abvailable for and offer the following Classes:

Stretch and Tone for ballroom dancers Sundays at 11 am at Stars Ballroom.
2848 S. Carriage Lane Mesa, Arizona 85202
Cost $10.00 per person per class.
Instructors Emanuel Vaceanu


Intermediate Ballroom Saturdays 1-2pm

for Ballet 4-5

Location Master Ballet Accademy

7625 E Redfield Rd #200, Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Beginning Ballroom and Latin Thursdays 7-8pm

Location: Ballet Arizona

2835 E. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: 602-381-0188



Ballroom Dance Lessons and Social Dancing:

Broadway Dance Company offers Ballroom dance lessons in both Social Dance and Competitive Dancing in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe area. Even though many people think ballroom is a competition style of dancing such as International Standard and International Latin and not used as social dance, there are many ways to use ballroom dancing such as waltz, foxtrot and tango out in a social atmosphere. There are many places in Phoenix and AZ where you can use social dancing for fun. The more popular dances, rumba, cha-cha , salsa and swing are equally as fun and enjoyable to those who just want to dance to meet people or enjoy being a part of the social dance community. Our certified dance instructors have a wide variety of knowledge in dancing, not only in International Standard, International Latin dances, but also in the social dances such as swing, salsa, and country dances. Wedding dance lessons are also available

Ballroom Dances:

In our Ballroom dance classes, we offer Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz. These are considered the American style dances. The European, or International style, includes these dances as well as the Quickstep. Even though these are considered ďformalĒ dances, they are still very easy to learn and can be used out on a social floor. Many social occasions, Christmas parties, fund-raisers, cotillions and weddings, play a variety of music, and dancers always want to be well rounded with a variety of dances in their repatoire. That is why we offer dance classes in every style of dance. In the Phoenix area, there are many places where dancers utilize their ballroom skills.
Waltz is a very graceful dance that teaches the dancer balance, to be light on their feet, and on time to the music. Some formal occasions still play waltzes as the main dance.
The Foxtrot is a relaxing, easy-going dance that goes with light jazz music; music by Michael Buble, and Frank Sinatra, and any other big band artists.
Many people consider Tango to be the new Salsa. The drama, passion and heavy rhythms appeal to heart and to the ear. Tango dances, or milongas, are popping up all over many major citiesÖincluding Phoenix. Ballroom dancing in Arizona is one of the most popular ways to get out and have fun!

Social Dances:

Many people that take dance classes just want to enjoy themselves, meet people and join a large and growing community. At Broadway Dance Company we will guide you through learning the dances, and help you to enjoy dancing out in the real world.
We offer dance lessons in the American Rhythm style and International Latin style of dancing.
The most commonly used dances are salsa, cha -cha , rumba and swing. Salsa dancing is definitely one of the most popular trends around the United States. Almost every major city has salsa or Latin clubs, especially California , Arizona and New York.
Cha -cha and Rumba are Latin dances, and can be used in any Latin dance club, but they are also a great way to dance to popular music anywhere its being played. Live entertainment can be found around the Phoenix area, from piano duets, to 13-piece bands! There is always somewhere to dance!
Swing dancing is also very much a large part of the Arizona dance community. Swing bands and dances are held all around the Phoenix area. There are two main types of swing; East Coast and West Coast. The East Coast swing is danced to fast, rock and roll, and can be learned in single, double or triple time. West Coast Swing has more of a bluesy, country feel, and can be used in many dancing venues.

Wedding Dances:

The first dance as husband and wife at your wedding is very important. It is something that will be remembered by you and your family for the rest of your lives. Most people havenít danced together in a formal setting, with people watching, and a video camera rolling. This can be a little nerve racking, especially if you donít know what you are going to do.

Please Leave Enough Time

We know that planning a wedding can be a very exciting and stressful ordeal. Having a pre-planned dance can make the moment you dance together much easier to handle. Many people are now coming to dance studios and teachers to help them choreograph their first dance for their wedding and to ease some of the stress of all the planning for this event.
There are some important things to consider when you are planning your first dance. First, please leave enough time before the wedding for us to complete the dance. The dance will not look natural or complete if you feel rushed or nervous, because you didnít give it enough time for practice. Most people that have not had dance lessons before need at least a few months before the wedding in order to feel comfortable dancing. Remember, this dance is about the first time you are dancing together as husband and wife, it isnít a high school dance where you do the hold and sway.

Choosing A Song

Another important thing to think about is the song that you want to dance too. This should be something that is meaningful for both of you. People want to see something that is real and emotional, it is a wedding, right? Even though you may think that people want to see a Tango show for your first dance, it isnít necessarily so. This dance is about you both being in love and being together for the rest of your lives. A wedding dance that looks awkward or too out of your realm of comfort wonít be a pleasant experience. We want you to look your best and feel confident on the most important day of your lives.

Choosing Wedding Music

Most couples think their first dance is the ONLY dance they will be dancing at their wedding. If you are planning on having music and a dance floor for the whole night, think about what you want to be doing. There will be many guests that want your attention through out the night, but remember this day is about you two. There will be some moments where you just want to be in each others arms, enjoying the music together.
Besides learning your wedding dance, it is a good idea to learn some basic steps that will allow you to do some dancing together or with other guests after your first dance. If your father-in-law asks you to dance, after you have clearly danced with your husband, you want to know how to look graceful and have and idea of what you are doing, right? Even if it isnít the wedding dance routine. We can plan your wedding dance as well as give you confidence on the dance floor with some of the other dances.
The music you choose will also determine what dances those are. Consider the type of people you are inviting to the wedding. There will most likely be a wide range of ages, and therefore probably a wide range of music tastes. You want to appeal to some of the older generations as well as the younger. If you want some big band music as well as the top 40 hits, or say rock and roll, learning a foxtrot or swing as well as your routine will give you some flexibility in your dancing. Having a variety of music will ensure the enjoyment of all the guests, and will keep your dance floor packed.

International Standard

Broadway Dance Company offers a unique specialization. We have National Dance Council of America Certification in the International style. There are two main styles in ballroom dancing; the American, which is danced in the United States, and the European style, which is called International. Being able to dance both styles in the US is a unique skill, and can be used in social dancing situations as well. We offer group and private classes from beginning Bronze level to Open. We can also offer coaching sessions for couples that are competing pro-am and amateur.


If you are interested in enhancing your dancing skills at a more in depth and technical level, we can train you to learn how to dance at a competitive level. There are many opportunities to compete around the country, in almost any city you may want to go. Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, New York and San Francisco are just a few. We offer group classes and private dance lessons in competition technique in both American style and International, as well as Theater Arts and Cabaret, so you have a wide range of dances to learn. Our staff also has a NDCA certification in judging, up to Championship level, so we know what the judges are looking for.
There are three ways to compete in ballroom dancing. You can compete at a professional level, with another professional, you can compete as a student with your teacher, called pro-am, or you can compete as a student, or amateur with another amateur. We offer coaching and lessons in the pro-am and amateur levels. There are trophies and prizes to win at all levels and any way you want to compete is fun and definitely exciting!

Professional Shows

As stated in our competition section, we are specialized in dancing in the International Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep. We can also provide Latin or Rhythm dance shows and even Country-Western. If there are opportunities to perform, we definitely like to take advantage of them. If there are any occasions you wish to have us perform at please contact us!

Coaching and teaching

Private and group lessons are available from social beginner to professional level and competitive dancing.

Group and master classes, seminars in American smooth and Rhythm, International Standard and Latin, Theatre Arts, Performing Arts, Technique for man and ladies. Ballet beginning to advanced. Turns, jumps, choreography, pas de deux, point training for ladies. Coaching for competitions.

We are teaching in South West Region and available for travel with notice anywhere in the US and worldwide.

Judging championship level competitions in US and Internatonaly.

Call us for your next ballroom dance lessons either Social dance or Competitive dancing such as International Standard or Latin or your wedding dance lessons. We are available anywhere in AZ and teach at a few dance studios in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix area.







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