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Please call or email us if you are interested in taking ballroom dance lessons, either for Competitive Dancing, Social Dance. We are available at different dance studios located within the Phoenix AZ metropolitan area, including Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale. We will be happy to introduce American Smooth and Rhythm, or International Standard and Latin dancing to you, as well as Country dancing or your Wedding Dance lessons. Use links below to Contact Emanuel or LIsa or call and leave a message. We will be glad to call you back at the earliest possible convenience to schedule ballroom dance lessons.


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Emanuel Vaceanu
Cell: (480) 559-1299

Mailing Address:
Broadway Dance Company
3475 W.Frankfurt Dr Chandler, AZ 85201


Call us for your next wedding dance lessons. We are available anywhere in AZ and teach at a few dance studios in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale Phoenix AZ area.We are here for your ballroom dance lessons either competitive dancing, social dance or International Standard or Latin.

Phoenix AZ Ballroom Dancing wedding dance lessons

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